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1-2-3 Ring with XS Variflow teat - 2 pcs

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The XS Variflow teat is a 3-stage nipple specially developed for the very smallest babies. The nutritional needs of premature babies or babies with feeding difficulties can vary widely. The XS Variflow teat is ideal for babies for whom a size S bottle teat is still too fast and for premature babies. This allows you to adjust the drinking speed to your baby's needs. Position 1 = XXS Position 2= XS Position 3= S.

  • For use from < 0 months.
  • Only suitable for liquid food such as breast milk or formula
  • Made of extra soft silicone
  • Soft coating for extra grip when drinking
  • This teat is delivered with the Difrax 1-2-3 ring
  • Available in a Natural variant. (Suitable for the S-bottle 170 ml/250 ml)

The supplied 1-2-3 Ring Natural allows you to position the XS Variflow teat on the S-bottles. The supplied green ring allows the teat to rotate in the bottle teat ring. To change position, twist the teat ring slightly off the S-bottle. Then turn the teat so that the desired position on the teat (I, II or III) is under the nose. Now you can close the ring and continue with the feed. Watch the video here and find out how the 1-2-3 ring works.

The XS teat is made of extra soft silicone. In the top of the teat there is an S-shaped slit through which the liquid food passes in doses. Check after buying and before each feed that the S-slit is open and not sticking together. Squeezing the tip of the teat with your thumb and index finger loosens the silicone material. The XS Variflow teat is now ready for use.

1-2-3 Ring met XS Doseerspeen - 2 st - Difrax
1-2-3 Ring with XS Variflow teat - 2 pcs Sale price €7,49