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Nasal aspirator

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The Difrax nasal aspirator quickly and easily decongests a baby nose by effectively removing snot from a clogged or blocked nose. The nasal aspirator helps you remedy your baby's nasal congestion often caused by a severe cold or flu. Newborns under 2 months old breathe mostly through their nose, so they can get very restless when cramped for air. The Difrax rubber bulb syringe is one of the newest nasal aspirators that effectively sucks mucus from your child's stuffy nose. Suited for use from birth.

Moisten the narrow part (nozzle) of the transparent suction part. Squeeze all air out of the rubber bulb syringe and insert the nozzle into the baby's nostril so that no air can escape. Hold the other nostril closed. Then slowly release the air pressure from the rubber syringe to suck the mucus into the nozzle. After use, clean the nozzle and the rubber bulb thoroughly with warm water and soap.

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Nasal aspirator Sale price €5,99