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Nipple shields

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Nipple shields are ideal to use as a temporary aid during breastfeeding. A nipple shield protects sore nipples and helps your baby latch on better if you have flat or inverted nipples. Your baby will get extra support to drink from the breast during feeding.

Difrax Nipple Shields are ultra-thin and guarantee good adhesion to the breast. The recognizable shape imitates the mother’s nipple and provides extra comfort during breastfeeding. Made of high quality soft silicone for a natural feel for the child. The matte surface provides extra grip and makes breast feeding easier. Difrax Nipple Shields are easy to clean and sterilise for hygienic reuse.

  • Soft as mom’s skin
  • Ultra-thin for optimal contact with your baby
  • Protects sore and irritated nipples
  • Helps with breastfeeding
  • Does not change the taste or smell of the milk

Difrax Nipple Shields fit well and are available in Small and Medium/Large.

Always consult a lactation consultant before use.

Advice: apply the nipple shield to a dry and clean breast. Do not use cream or oil. Sterilise the shields in boiling water for at least 3 minutes before the first and each subsequent use.

Duo pack consists of:
  • Silicone nipple shield (2 pieces)
  • Transparent storage box for hygienic storage of the nipple shields
Nipple shields
Nipple shields Sale price €8,49