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S-bottle Natural - 250 ml NEW

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This S-baby bottle comes with a size S teat as standard.

The Difrax S-bottle Natural 250 ml is the most popular baby bottle in the Benelux and is now available in four new trendy colours. The anti-colic S-bottles have a patented anti-colic system in the bottom to prevent intestinal cramps, burping and throwing up. The valve and the unique S-shape prevent the mixing of air with food, which preserves nutrients ​​and vitamins A, C and E. 

The valve system ensures a constant flow of air from the bottom of the anti-colic S-bottles, without creating a vacuum. The S-shape ensures a constant flow of milk to the teat, even when the bottle is held horizontally. This means your baby doesn’t have to bend its neck backward and can continue to drink in an ergonomic position, without interruptions. The Natural S-bottle is easy to accept thanks to the small bottle teat.

The anti-colic bottle can be used from birth and is the best bottle in combination with breastfeeding. Difrax bottles can be taken apart from top to bottom, which makes them easy to clean.

The Natural S-bottle 250 ml is the follow-up bottle for the Natural S-bottle 170 ml. When your baby is about three months old, the Natural S-bottle 170 ml won’t be big enough anymore and you can switch to the Natural S-bottle 250 ml. Both bottles come with a size S bottle teat.

Natural bottles can also be used in combination with dental bottle teats. These are recommended for babies with reflux, babies who drink too quickly, and babies for whom the size S bottle teats empty too quickly.

Tip: make sure you always check that the air hole in the center of the valve is open by squeezing it several times.

S-babyfles Natural 250 ml NEW - Difrax
S-bottle Natural - 250 ml NEW Sale price €12,49