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Toddler and baby bowl

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The Difrax Toddler and Baby Bowl has a raised edge so the food can easily be scooped up from the bowl by small children. The sturdy shape and the soft edge provide stability to the bowl on the dining room table. This prevents it from tipping over, saving time for parents in cleaning up spills.

If your child is right-handed, place the high side of the bowl on your toddler's left-hand side so he/she can easily scoop up the food with his/her right hand. Vice versa for left-handed toddlers. Tip: The Difrax toddler and baby bowl and the Difrax toddler and baby cutlery are an ideal combination of baby utensils for every toddler and baby to use for their meals.

The toddler and baby cutlery and the toddlerbowl are completely melamine free and safe to use.

Baby- en Peuterkom - Difrax
Toddler and baby bowl Sale price €4,50