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Article: Cheers to the new year! Difrax launches the 360 degree cup

Proost op het nieuwe jaar! Difrax lanceert de 360 graden beker

Cheers to the new year! Difrax launches the 360 degree cup

Learning to drink while playing 

Besides the well-known sippy cup, cup with straw and training cup, Difrax now also has a 360 degree cup in its range. A 360 degree cup is a cup, which as the name suggests, can be used 360 degrees all around. So it doesn't matter where the child drinks from the rim.

Easy and good start

A 360 degree cup only lets drinks through when the child sucks on the rim. The 360 degree cup is a great intermediate step for learning to drink from an open cup. Drinking from the rim of a cup supports normal muscle development in children's mouths. Developed in collaboration with speech therapists.

Features of the cup

  • The cup has an iconic shape. This means that the cup runs from narrow to wide on the inside. This means the liquid always flows to the brim and the child doesn't have to hold its head back while drinking. Drinking without strain on the neck!
  • Fully detachable for optimal cleaning.
  • Includes a lid to protect against dirt when not in use. Ideal for transport!
  • 9+ months, without handles. The slim ergonomic shape makes it easy for little hands to hold. Tip: When using the Difrax sippy cup, the handle of the sippy cup can also be placed on the 360 degree cup. This allows a child younger than 9+ months old to hold the hold the cup even easier.


The 360-degree cup is available in our webshop ( and at baby speciality shops. Available to order in two trendy colours: stone and peach.

Difrax in a nutshell

Difrax, the Dutch premium baby product brand, was founded in 1967 and is the market leader in the baby bottles and pacifiers segment. Nobody knows exactly how it works when you have a baby. Every baby is unique and so is the approach to parenthood. Difrax stands by them step by step with contemporary baby products. Because every little helps, even when it comes to parenting. In recent years, Difrax has made a name for itself by developing pioneering and award-winning products. Difrax offers 'A little Help', where parents and their most precious possession are at the centre of attention! The wide range can be found worldwide found at baby specialty shops, drugstores, pharmacies, department stores and on