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Article: New! Difrax LOVI Dynamic soother in Harmony collection

Nieuw! Difrax LOVI Dynamische fopspeen in Harmony collectie

New! Difrax LOVI Dynamic soother in Harmony collection

Are you looking for a safe soother for your baby?

Meet the Difrax LOVI Dynamic soothers from the new Harmony collection.

The Dynamic soother was developed in collaboration with a team of medical specialists and has been extensively tested via medical research among large groups of babies. Midwives and parents recommend this soother for parents.

Discover the benefits of the Difrax LOVI soother: 

  • The sucking section moves with your baby’s sucking rhythm.
  • Protects the natural sucking reflex.
  • High acceptance: the symmetrical shape of the sucking section resembles the mother’s nipple.
  • Made of high-quality silicone: free of odour and taste.
  • Unlike rubber soothers, silicone soothers do not deform or discolour.
  • Breathe freely through the nose thanks to the special shield.
  • Optimal air flow, protects the baby’s skin.
  • Durable and extra safe to use.

Harmony is a collection that refers to trends such as minimalism, tranquillity and connection with nature. The collection consists of soft earth tones with a refined print.

Harmony soothers are available in different sizes and grow with the age of the child: 0-3M, 3-6M+ and 6-18M. For older children, the 18M+ soothers are available with an extra strong sucking section. Available in duo pack.

Check out the Harmony collection here!