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Article: The Difrax anti-colic S-bottle: both attractive and medically suitable

De Difrax anti-colic S-fles: mooi én medisch

The Difrax anti-colic S-bottle: both attractive and medically suitable

One bottle is particularly attractive. And the other, from a medical point of view, is much better at preventing intestinal cramps. But why should you have to choose between looks and medical need? If your baby has sensitive intestines, you don’t have to choose boring bottles. Difrax combines attractive and medical in its anti-colic S-bottle. This bottle has been helping parents feed their babies and prevent colic for decades. Time to put this timeless classic in the spotlight.

A rock-solid design against intestinal colic for 16 years

16 years ago we developed the anti-colic S bottle with the iconic S shape. Our goal: to ensure every baby can feed without suffering cramps. The design of the anti-colic S-bottle has not changed for 16 years. This is quite unique in the innovative baby bottle landscape.

But whenever a new innovation is developed, there is no better design than the S-bottle from Difrax. This is due to the combination of anti-colic technology and ergonomics. The anti-colic valve and shape of the bottle ensure air does not enter the milk, preventing babies swallowing air while feeding. And thanks to the special S-shape, the milk flows continuously into the baby’s mouth, even with small amounts of food. This means we can help parents and children get past the difficult phase of baby colic.

Survey among 600 maternity nurses: S-bottle from Difrax is the best

Independent research among 600 maternity nurses has also shown that the S-bottle really helps parents. The majority recommend the Difrax S bottle from all the anti-colic bottles available in 2022. This is because the anti-colic system works the best of all. But Difrax is also recommended by fellow professionals such as other maternity nurses, the child health clinic or doctors.

No cramps or nasty bacteria: most hygienic bottle

The S-bottle is designed in such a way that it reduces the formation of bacteria. After bottle feeding, the S-bottle from Difrax is the most hygienic anti-colic bottle. All the parts can be easily separated, and the S-bottle does not contain any parts that are difficult to clean. No bottle is easier to clean than that of Difrax, and that’s great considering the large number of feeds parents give their baby every day. And this rightly makes the S-bottle the best choice for parents.