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Article: Difrax LOVI’s Dynamic pacifier: Unprecedentedly innovative, incredibly natural

Difrax LOVI’s Dynamische fopspeen: Ongekend innovatief, ongelofelijk natuurlijk

Difrax LOVI’s Dynamic pacifier: Unprecedentedly innovative, incredibly natural

Difrax LOVI brings the world’s first Dynamic pacifier to the Netherlands based on the belief that the most natural experience is what is best for children and their parents.

This technically superior pacifier moves innovatively with a baby’s natural sucking rhythm thanks to the silicone layers with different thicknesses. Wherever a baby is in their mother or father’s arms or resting in their cradle: the dynamic sucking part ensures the baby always experiences a sucking stimulus while protecting the natural sucking reflex. 

Dynamic pacifiers for little ones: perfectly low-stimulus
The better a baby’s sucking needs are supported, the more comfort and peace a baby experiences. And this is exactly what the dynamic technology of the Difrax LOVI pacifier does: the top of the suction part stretches during the sucking movement and then shrinks back to its basic position. The tip continues to move with each subsequent suction movement.

The symmetrical shape of the sucking section resembles a mother’s nipple and guarantees it will be accepted. The soft silicone material of the pacifier also contributes to the child enjoying superior rest. This material has no odour or taste, unlike the unnatural smell of rubber teats. This makes the Difrax LOVI pacifier the perfect low-stimulation pacifier.

Dynamic technology: truly a global breakthrough
Pacifiers innovations are coming in from all corners. Such trends include the ideal airflow in pacifier to protect a baby’s skin. The Dynamic design of Difrax LOVI can rightly be called a breakthrough among all the developments. The combination of optimal air flow and a dynamically mobile suction system is unprecedented – until now. And where other innovative pacifiers mainly meet the need for sucking, the Difrax LOVI pacifier optimally protects the natural sucking reflex.

Infinite innovation leads to unprecedented rest
Difrax LOVI has been designed with a team of medical specialists, neurologists, speech therapists and midwives. The pacifiers have been extensively tested through large-scale medical research. They are technically advanced, proven effective and safe to use. Our motivation is to design innovative and sustainable products that meet the real needs of babies and their parents. As a result, infinite innovation leads to unprecedented peace.

Special sizes for the little ones
From the smallest babies, to older toddlers: the Dynamic Difrax LOVI pacifiers are available in three collections. The shield from the Baby Shower collection is extra small in size and therefore lightweight. The pacifier fits extremely well on the mouth of newborn babies and has been especially designed for children up to 2 months old. The Botanic collection (with its aesthetic nature prints) and the soothing Harmony collection are available for children up to 3M, 6M, 18M and 18+ months.

Difrax LOVI. Because we LOVE babies.