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Article: New! Difrax LOVI Dynamic soother Baby Shower collection Newborn

Nieuw! Difrax LOVI Dynamische fopspeen Baby Shower collectie Newborn

New! Difrax LOVI Dynamic soother Baby Shower collection Newborn

Difrax LOVI Dynamic soother has been specially designed by doctors and speech therapists for newborns. The sucking section of the Dynamic soother consists of several layers of durable silicone and moves with your baby’s sucking rhythm. This does not disrupt the natural sucking reflex. The shield is smaller and therefore extra lightweight, which makes it ideal for newborns.

Discover more benefits of the Difrax LOVI soother: 

  • The symmetrical shape of the sucking section resembles the mother’s nipple for high acceptance.
  • Protects your baby’s natural sucking reflex.
  • Breathe freely through the nose thanks to the special shield.
  • Made of high quality and durable silicone.
  • Odour and taste free.

Difrax LOVI Baby Shower collection is available in a duo pack, and in two colours: blue and pink. One of the soothers in the duo pack has a Glow in the Dark ring. This is handy for quickly finding the soother at night. Suitable for ages 0-2 months. The Baby Shower collection is inspired by the trend for parties organised for a future parent. Ideal to give as gift.

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