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Article: New! Difrax LOVI Dynamic soother in Botanic collection

Nieuw! Difrax LOVI Dynamische fopspeen in Botanic collectie

New! Difrax LOVI Dynamic soother in Botanic collection

Inspired by flowers and the outdoors, the Dynamic soothers from Difrax LOVI are now available in a cheerful new collection.

The Dynamic soothers from the Botanic collection are, like all Difrax LOVI soothers, equipped with a Dynamic sucking section that protects your baby’s natural sucking reflex. The special design of the sucking section is inspired by the shape of the mother’s nipple and moves with the sucking rhythm of your baby.

The sucking section of the Dynamic soother is made of high-quality silicone. Silicone is many times stronger than rubber and is also durable. Furthermore, silicone is free of odour and taste and therefore extra safe for babies. Unlike rubber teats, silicone prevents unnecessary external stimuli because no taste or smell is noticeable. This is essential for breastfed babies as they are used to the taste and smell of breast milk. Even for sensitive babies, imperceptible odours and tastes are important and protect the feeling of security during the need to suck.

Discover the other benefits of silicone:

  • Does not discolour
  • Does not deform
  • Does not tear
  • Resistant to water, moisture and UV light

Botanic soothers are available in different sizes and grow with the age of the child:
0-3M, 3-6M+ and 6-18M. For older children, the 18M+ soothers are available with an extra strong sucking section. Available in duo pack.

Check out the Botanic collection here!