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Article: Glass bottle or plastic bottle?

Glazen fles of plastic fles? - Difrax

Glass bottle or plastic bottle?

The glass bottle is back and is becoming more and more popular. As a child, you probably still drank from a glass baby bottle a few years ago, this was normal. Since then, there are bottles of all shapes and sizes, in glass and in plastic. The advantage of plastic baby bottles is that they’re lighter and cheaper than glass bottles. But… what are the advantages of the glass S-bottle?

Difrax glazen en plastic flessen

The answer is simple. The glass S-bottle is made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is lighter than normal glass en has a lower coefficient of expansion. In other words, glass can withstand large differences in heat and has a longer lifespan. To give you an idea: this type of glass is also used in laboratories. Borosilicate glass is 100% recyclable.

The plastic Difrax S- bottle is also made from recyclable materials and without BPA. This S-bottle is made of polypropylene, a fully recyclable and 100% safe material without any plasticizers. This baby bottle can withstand large temperature differences, bacteria and fungi do not stand a chance. And the bottle can be steam sterilized. In addition, polypropylene has a long service life, so the parts can easily be reused.

In short, both are good choices.

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