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Article: The layette: what you need for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and baby care

De baby uitzetlijst: wat je nodig hebt voor borstvoeding, flesvoeding en babyverzorging - Difrax

The layette: what you need for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and baby care

A baby on the way? Congratulations! 


You've probably been busy recently finding out which baby products you need to get. Putting together a layette can be quite challenging. In the world of baby products there is so much available, so which items are essential? At Difrax we would like to give you a hand: we have chopped up the layette for you. You'll find all the essentials for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and baby care. Using a handy checklist, you can tick off the items one by one. In this practical way, you as a (new) parent will be well prepared for these three important parts before your little one comes into the world!  

Tip! Make sure you have your layette at least one month before your due date. It may be that your labour will start earlier. This way you won't have the stress of buying things.  

1. Breastfeeding 

If you're planning to breastfeed, we recommend getting the following items. Would you rather go straight for bottle feeding? Then check out section 2.  

2. Bottle feeding

Bottle feeding is a convenient and versatile way to feed your little one. Not only you mum, but also your partner, grandma or aunt can feed your little one.  

3. Baby care 

Good baby care is very important. To take good care of the baby, it is handy to have the following items:  

These are all the essentials for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and care for the baby. Be sure to consider other essentials such as baby clothes, items for bedtime for when you go out and for changing a nappy. Remember that every baby is unique so your needs and preferences may differ from others.  

Good luck preparing and enjoy this special time and experience! 


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