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We understand that the arrival of a baby turns your world upside down. You are doing well and we will help you along the way with our products. On this page we have collected blogs that are useful for the arrival of your newborn, or for when your baby is already born.

A little help

When to learn your baby drinking alone?

Your baby will soon want to learn to drink on its own. This will not be easy in the beginning. But you will see that your baby will soon start to get it. That triumphant look of your baby when the self-drinking is successful is priceless!

In this blog you can read when your baby can learn to drink on its own.

Anti-leak drinking cups

There will come a time when your child prefers to do everything by himself. Learning to drink yourself is one of them. Because your child is not yet used to this, this is often accompanied by a lot of mess. The Difrax spout cups and straw cups have an anti-leak effect. This allows your child to safely hold his cup upside down, without the content falling out. Say bye bye to mess!

We tell you all about learning to drink independently on this page.

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Learning to drink with an open cup

From about 12 months your child can start learning to drink with an open cup. This will not work immediately, because it is a different way of drinking than from a baby bottle, spout cup or straw cup.

Read here how you can best tackle this.

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Daily baby care

During your maternity period, the maternity assistant is there for all your questions about baby care. She will teach you all the tips and tricks about baby care. When the maternity nurse is gone, you will take care of your baby yourself. Bathing your baby, washing and combing the hair, keeping the nose and nails clean, brushing coming teeth: these are all parts of daily baby care. We are happy to provide you with daily baby care.

In this article we would like to help you on track with daily baby care.

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Ouch, teething! For most children, teething is no fun. In addition to a sore mouth, fever and diaper rash can also be a painful consequence. We are happy to offer you a few tips to ease the pain of your baby and tips on how to take care of the first teeth.

Read more about incoming Baby teeth

How do I properly clean my baby products?

Your baby's immune system isn't working 100% yet, making your baby more vulnerable to infections. Therefore, hygiene is very important for your baby.

We are happy to explain how you can clean your baby products.

Teach your baby to eat on his/her own

From a certain age you will hear more and more "do it myself". As soon as your baby can sit upright alone, it will want to learn to eat on its own. It often starts with taking the spoon, during the first bites. Then your child learns to eat his pieces of bread with his hands. Later on, your child will learn to eat with baby cutlery.

We are happy to help you in this article about eating.

Store, take with you and heat

How should I store my expressed baby milk and how can I conveniently take baby snacks with me? We are happy to provide you with handy baby products for storing and carrying your baby's food.

In this article you can read more about our handy baby products.

Educational parenting books

As a parent you regularly have all kinds of questions. How do I get my child to stop using the pacifier? When do I start toilet training? How can I make my baby sleep better? And what if my child does not want to eat or brush teeth? We are happy to offer you our educational parenting books

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