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As soon as your baby is able to sit up on its own, it will want to learn to eat on its own. It starts with wanting to hold their spoon and eating small pieces of bread with their hands. Not much later, your child will learn how to eat on its own with a baby spoon and baby or toddler cutlery.

Baby feeding spoons

Difrax baby feeding spoons are specially designed for your baby’s first bites. The set of feeding spoons consists of two types of baby spoons. The small spoon has a shallow scoop and is perfect for their first bites. The two larger baby spoons have a deeper scoop and a longer handle and are ideal for when your child is more accustomed to eating by itself. They can also be used to easily scoop baby food out of tall pots, like fruit snacks or porridge.

Sven: “Our 13-month-old daughter wanted to eat on her own. The shape of the spoon makes it easy for her to put it in her mouth.”

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Feeding spoons

Baby and toddler cutlery for small hands

Difrax baby and toddler cutlery is designed to help your child learn to eat independently. The set consists of a fork and a spoon. The handle is wide and small, which makes it easy for little hands to hold. The baby cutlery is made from a soft silicone material, ensuring extra grip. The ergonomic design of the baby cutlery stimulates proper hand-mouth coordination. 

Marian: “Our 12-month-old granddaughter really enjoys pricking pieces of bread on to fork, and it’s even more of a party when she manages to bite the bread off of the fork! The compact shape of the cutlery makes it easy for her to hold.” 

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Baby cutlery blue

Toddler plate and bowl

You can’t learn how to eat without your own toddler plate or bowl! The Difrax baby and toddler bowl has a raised edge, which helps keep the food in the bowl. Thanks to its sturdy shape and soft edges, the plate will stay still while your child eats. This way, learning to eat is a joy for both baby and parents. Just wait for the happy look on your baby’s face when it has managed to empty the plate all by itself! 

Baby cutlery & bowl

Tip: If your child is right-handed, place the high side of the bowl on your child’s left-hand side so it can easily dish up the food with its right hand. Vice versa for left-handed children.

Sonja: “The plate is super handy. The raised edge prevents the food from constantly falling out.” 

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Toddler bowl pink

The “Eat well dinner” book for when eating and drinking is a battle

Some children love eating and drinking, while it doesn’t come as naturally to others. The “Eat well dinner” book turns learning to eat and appreciating food into a playful journey. 

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