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Our safe pacifiers are available for every child in Natural, Dental or Dynamic versions.

The most fun pacifiers in trendy colours and cheerful prints!

The right cup will help your child learn to drink independently

Learning to drink from a cup step by step

For quick and safe preparation of kind of food

4 functions in 1: Discover our newest bottle warmer

Helping parents parent since 1967

Difrax is a Dutch family business. For more than 55 years we have been designing and making baby products for babies and their parents.


A little help

Borstvoeding combineren met flesvoeding, wat moet ik doen?

Combining breastfeeding with bottle feeding, How can I do that?

Combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding can raise many questions for a parent such as: “Which bottle is best for my baby?”, “Will my baby accept a bottle in addition to breastfeeding?” and “Will...

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Dynamische fopspeen getest door ouders

Dynamic pacifier tested by parents

There are many reasons parents choose a pacifier: it offers comfort to your child, helps him/her sleep, meets the natural need to suck, and provides a feeling of security. This is why it’s really i...

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Elektrische neusjesreiniger: eerste hulp bij een verstopte neus!

Electric nose cleaner: first aid for a stuffy nose!

Nothing is more annoying than a stuffy nose. Especially for a little one. You can see your child having difficulty breathing and sleeping, while a blocked nose can also make drinking difficult. You...

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