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Mammafeel bottle 250 ml

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The 250ml bottle features a 3m+ Slow teat. If you want to use this bottle from birth, we recommend purchasing a separate 0+months Mini teat.

Difrax LOVI has developed an innovative Mammafeel bottle that resembles the mother’s breast as much as possible in terms of shape, texture and dynamics. The soft feel resembles mummy’s skin and ensures an easy and safe transition from breast to bottle.

The special dynamic expandable teat moves with your baby’s natural sucking rhythm. As with breastfeeding, nutrition flows out of the bottle when your baby is actively drinking.
This way of drinking is different from our Difrax S-bottle. You may need to give your child a little time to learn this.

The sturdy, wide base with soft coating ensures a tight fit to the bottle teat. Baby’s mouth is supported by the firm base and the lips are positioned correctly. The soft coating provides extra grip during drinking and prevents the mouth from sliding on the teat surface.

The unique design of the bottle teat promotes correct drinking posture and free breathing through the nose. This prevents your baby from ingesting unnecessary air through the mouth and prevents intestinal cramps. The teat’s soft surface mimics the skin and texture of the mother’s breast. This protects the bond between you and your baby, and provides a natural drinking sensation.

  • As soft as mother’s skin
  • The bottle teat contains a skin-soft silicone ring that resembles the areola
  • Dynamic teat does not disrupt the natural sucking reflex
  • Safe in combination with breastfeeding
  • Anti-colic thanks to the natural latching and free breathing through the nose
  • Durable silicone does not deform or discolour
  • Odour, taste and allergy-free

The Mammafeel bottle has a matte texture that makes it comfortable to hold and provides extra grip. The clearly visible contents indicator on the bottle helps control the amount of milk your baby drinks. The 150 ml bottle features a 0m+ Mini teat, which is suitable for newborn babies.

The 250 ml bottle features a 3m+ Slow teat.

Note: insert the Mammafeel teat into the bottle ring via the top. Before each use, check the teat is correctly seated in the ring. This ensures a leak-proof seal.

Mammafeel bottle 250 ml
Mammafeel bottle 250 ml Sale price €14,99