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About Difrax

At Difrax, our mission is simple: to offer a little help to all moms and dads. The arrival of a baby changes so many things in your life. It’s completely normal to have questions about parenting, the best products, and how to give your baby the best possible start.

As a leading Dutch brand and market leader in bottles and pacifiers in the Benelux, we create innovative and safe products for babies and children around the world. And because we are parents too, we love to share our practical tips and advice. We are here to help you care for your child(ren) with confidence and ease.

Developed by Experts

Our products are developed in close collaboration with medical experts, bringing together the expertise of pediatricians, pediatric dentists, speech therapists, lactation consultants, and nutritionists. This way, we not only offer a little help to parents but also receive the necessary support to meet the highest standards of quality and care. Additionally, all our products are rigorously tested according to European guidelines before reaching the hands of the true experts: you, the parents, and your baby.

Over 55 Years of Experience

What began in 1967 as a dedicated Dutch family business has grown into a leading international brand with over 55 years of experience in high-quality baby products. For decades, we have been enriching the daily lives of babies and parents and proudly carrying a trusted name in the industry, recognized across generations. Moreover, our designs have been repeatedly honored with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the Baby Innovation Award.

Most Popular Baby Brand in the Netherlands

Difrax baby bottles and pacifiers are the number one choice in the Netherlands for good reason. Our thoughtful and user-friendly products are highly popular and help you fully enjoy parenthood. Consider, for instance, our famous S-bottle with its ergonomic shape and anti-colic system at the base, the butterfly-shaped pacifier that leaves the nose free, or the Dynamic Difrax LOVI line that protects the natural sucking reflex.

We Care

Besides offering support during the valuable early years for you and your little one, we make conscious choices to contribute to a better world. At Difrax, our baby products are always created with the next generation in mind. Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important role in our approach. We continuously work to support the Sustainable Development Goals, our factories undergo audits according to amfori BSCI standards, and we are involved in various social initiatives. Additionally, we actively work to reduce our ecological footprint by choosing sustainable materials, energy-efficient processes, and efficient logistics.

Available Worldwide

Our recognizable and patented Difrax designs are loved by many families around the world. Did you know that our products are available in more than 50 countries? Find out exactly where here!

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