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We help moms and dads around the world enjoy parenthood as much as possible. We know that it is not always easy, but it is certainly not difficult, because it is about your child.

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Difrax was established close to 50 years ago. The history of Difrax starts in 1967, when Dimphna and Frank van Eijkelenborg put their heart and soul into their newly established business enterprise dealing in baby products. The 'Di' in Difrax stands for Dimphna, the 'Fra' stands for Frank and the X stood for the name of their successor (a mystery successor at that time, of course). They started off selling cotton buds and baby rattles but eventually expanded to include a wide range of baby stuff.

Dimphna & Frank van Eijkelenburg

Development innovative babyproducts
Daughter Vivienne has stood at the helm of Difrax since 1999, having been infused with the business from a very early age. "I was just a toddler when I started "working" in the business, modelling a dress of my parents' design. And my sister, brother and I used to play hide-and-seek among boxes filled with baby stuff. Still, after obtaining my business economics degree, I never intended to take over Difrax, but everything changed when I decided to "check it out". The potential I could envisage for Difrax intrigued me. I saw two major challenges: to develop even better products and to create new cross-border opportunities. I became captivated by the possibilities in the baby products industry and that hasn't changed since."

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