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Fopspenen - Difrax


The most fun pacifiers in trendy colours and cheerful prints. Our safe pacifiers are available for every child in Natural, Dental or Dynamic versions.

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Pinky Pacifier Natural - 2 pack
Pinky Pacifier Natural - 2 pack Sale price €11,99
Difrax LOVI - Pacifier Dynamic Newborn Baby Shower
Bestseller 2-in-1 Deluxe bottle brush
2-in-1 Deluxe bottle brush Sale price €7,99
Speenkoord Pure - Difrax
Pacifier cord Pure Sale price €6,99
Fopspeen Natural Newborn Pure - Difrax
Pacifier Natural Newborn Pure Sale price €5,29
Difrax LOVI - Dynamic pacifier 0-3 months Botanic
Fopspeen steriliseer ei - Wit - Difrax
Bestseller Fopspeen Newborn Natural Nature - Difrax
Pacifier Natural Newborn Nature Sale price From €2,65 Regular price €5,29
Fopspeen Dental Newborn Pure - Difrax
Pacifier Dental Newborn Pure Sale price €5,29
Kralen speenkoord - Difrax
Fopspeen Natural Newborn - I Love Papa - Difrax
Fopspeen Dental Newborn - Difrax
Pacifier Dental Newborn Sale price €2,65 Regular price €5,29
Speenkoord I Love - Difrax
Fopspeen Natural Newborn - I Love Mama - Difrax
Fopspeen Dental Newborn Pure - Ice|Popcorn|Blossom|Pistache - 4 stuks - Difrax
Woezel en Pip Fopspeenkoordje - Difrax
Woezel & Pip Pacifier cord Sale price €6,99
Alles over de fopspenen

Why pacifiers?

Babies have a natural sucking need in the first five months. A pacifier can fulfill this need and provide comfort and calm, resulting in a sense of security and comfort for your baby. The use of a pacifier is generally considered safer and gentler for the teeth than thumb sucking.

What makes Difrax pacifiers unique?

  • The butterfly-shaped shield leaves your baby's nose free, which is essential for breathing.
  • Optimal airflow prevents skin irritation.
  • The shield and teat grow with your baby's sucking needs and age.
  • 100% BPA-free, meaning they are taste-, odor-, and allergen-free.
  • Developed in collaboration with speech therapists and dentists.
  • Available in different sizes, from Newborn to 20+ months, in Natural and Dental variants.

Silicone or rubber pacifier?

Difrax pacifiers are made from durable silicone material, making them less likely to tear than rubber pacifiers. Additionally, silicone pacifiers do not deform like rubber pacifiers.

Pacifier for different ages

The Difrax pacifier, developed in collaboration with speech therapists and dentists, is available in different sizes, from Newborn to 20+ months, in Natural, Dental, and Dynamic variants. The shield and teat of the pacifier vary per age category, ensuring a perfect fit for your baby's face and development.

Natural, Dental, or Dynamic pacifier?

  • The Natural pacifier has a natural shape and is easily accepted by babies.
  • The Dynamic pacifier has a teat composed of multiple silicone layers of different thicknesses, allowing it to move with your baby's natural sucking rhythm.
  • For extra grip, there is the Dental pacifier, which stimulates the development of jaw and tongue muscles.

If your baby tends to bite the pacifier, we recommend switching to a teething ring or teething toy.

Did you know that Difrax also offers a Silicone pacifier? This pacifier is made from 100% silicone and has an extra soft shield, button, and teat. The silicone pacifier is made in one piece, making it particularly easy to clean.

Pacifier Accessories

In addition to pacifiers, Difrax also offers a range of pacifier accessories, including bottle and soother brushes, sterilising eggs, and soother cords. A pacifier cord can be attached to your child's clothes to prevent the pacifier from getting lost or falling on the floor. This way, pacifiers are always within reach!

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